Lucky BoyListen now (10 min) | from Illinois.
Canadian Soup LoveWatch now (18 min) | I can now also spell vichyssoise.
Tom Waits WinsListen now | Unless you don't dig love? Let's all take a break from the chaos and listen to some rousing songs, eh what?
Toasted Cheese, Killick!Watch now (15 min) | And a roborative pot of coffee
You say potāto,Listen now | I say p'thānk you. At least until the potato becomes the IP of Monsanto :^(
Jack on IceWatch now (17 min) | a 30 Rock figure skating extravaganza? in which I discuss what I use to distract myself from the evils of the world. (It's love)
Why Everyone Hates Will FerrellListen now | (Because he loves children) I'm sorry to be the one to expose this shameful Hollywood secret, but I can't stay silent any longer.
A Great Love StoryWatch now (6 min) | The Greatest, in fact. Answering a question all the way from the Czech Republic about one of my favorite meals: LOVE
A Donkey BefuddledWatch now (5 min) | Spin them plates! H'yah! in which I have spread the donkey a tad too thin. Good thing donkeys have legendary stamina. xo
Tree HugWatch now (10 min) | Happity Holidays 
Boom-BoomListen now | Quality is job 1! in which I discuss my favorite tool and prove that I am not a vampire. 
Totally NakedWatch now (4 min) | Totally Nude