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Mouthful of Thistles

and a Pocketful of Sea Breeze.

Dumont from Atlanta asks, “A question I have for you is on beard care. I've worn a beard of some sort for the past 25ish years, basically as long as I could grow one. Currently I am enjoying letting it grow longer and thicker. I'm also watching it rapidly turn from black to grey. Have you done any maintenance to address that in yours? Or do you allow nature to take its course? Also are there products, or a care plan you employ to keep yours soft and acceptable for your partner?”

Dumont, thank you very kindly for your good questions, and hello Muleteers. It has been a hell of a week, fun but rather grueling, and so I’m glad to be at my desk getting back to you all. I thought I’d just toss out a substantial video to get me back on track, and everybody can see how scintillatingly banal these videos turn out.

Please leave me a question in the comments below, and be sure to tell me where you’re from, and thank you.


Donkey Thoughts with Nick Offerman
Donkey Thoughts with Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman