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I find so much peace and goodwill in your posts. Thank you. This isn’t a question but a comment. You provided us a tremendous selection from Matt the Electrician … a fellow musician … I am from the twin cities - Minneapolis to be specific - and friends stream a show called the Back Catalog Listening Party every single Friday afternoon at 4pm. They started at the beginning of our continuing pandemic and we have formed quite a community there. It’s a brilliant idea .. they invite artists on to come talk about an older album they’ve released and play artist-chosen songs and then we all ask questions and the artists tell us backstory about those songs and the artwork and the cover art and their headspace. It has been and continues to be an absolute JOY in my life … I mention it because Matt the Electrician came on not too long ago:


And, if you go to Back Catalog Listening Party on YouTube and skim through the hundreds of episodes … you are SURE to find brilliant artists you know, some new, all giving so generously to everyone with insights and reflections on their older work. It is a family over there. And the artists really enjoy it as well - many haven’t listened to these albums since they were made and we talk about all the geeky music stuff around the specifics of instrumentation, recording spaces, people we have in common. One of the finest gems of the Internet. So, just a suggestion that you check it out … I am sure you’ll see people you know and discover some amazing new artists and their work, as well. I think you’ll really enjoy it. I think YOUR FOLLOWERS/READERS would love it as well. Yesterday they had on ‘The Lowest Pair’ - a singing/songwriting/banjo playing duo. The album they discussed was magical.

I hope you have a moment to check it out and maybe join us Live some Friday afternoon at 4pm CST.

Thanks for all you do!

joanie ☮️

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OK..... you= woodworking and guitar... this fella= coffee beans and guitar. Okay, maybe you are not interested, but perhaps I peaked your curisoity.... this is not Spam either... although I haven't had breakfast so Spam and eggs on an English muffin just made me drool. https://fb.watch/gbOCmLwHn2/

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I feel like my goal for guitar playing is to someday reach mediocrity. I would put you in the “fair to middling” category. I dream of someday getting there.

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I get so much fellowship from music. Lately with Wookiefoot --- feels like coming home.

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