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🎶Grab Your Coat

And Get Your Hat 🎶

Leave your worries on the doorstep, Muleteers.

Just direct your feet…to the sunny side of the street.

I’m sorry to report that this Donkey Thoughts project is proving, sadly, to be one too many plates spinning in my circus at the moment, and so I’m putting it into hibernation. What the future may hold for this particular barnyard remains to be seen, but I have removed the paywall, and yearly subscribers will be refunded the pro-rated remainder of your American dollars.

I cribbed this some years ago from one of my fave curators, the inimitable John Hodgman, whom you might recognize more readily by his hobo name, “Shakey H. the Boneyard Concierge.” I inserted the image into Google Lens and here was one of the few places it led me. Make of it what you will:

I thank you very kindly for your interest and support, and I may well be dropping more of my particular fodder here from time to time, so until then, let us please endeavor to practice kindness, gumption and good handwork, and to recall the words of Wendell Berry: It all turns on affection.


Donkey Thoughts with Nick Offerman
Donkey Thoughts with Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman