A Tweedy/Offerman Jam

Like jelly, not like hard rock.


Apologies, Muleteers, as I’m a day late with your Sunday Donkey Thoughts. I had to travel all day yesterday, so I hope you can handle an anomalous Monday post.

Here I am at Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival playing a song that I wrote with my dear pal Jeff Tweedy. I have certainly had jobs in my life that made me feel like saying TGIF, but eventually I begin to aspire to life choices that would allow me to get paid to do what I enjoy in one way or another, so that one day I might achieve my dream of saying “Thank God It’s Monday.”

Thanks to the great Jill Schwartzman for shooting this iPhone video, thereby saving me the task of generating content on a travel morning. She has edited all 5 of my books and both of Jeff’s books, so we’re both pretty enamored of her and her perspicacity.

I’m also powerfully grateful to Jeff and his family, and Wilco for encouraging a more thoughtful world in which we might be conscientious to our neighbors near and far and, always, endeavor to hug before punch.

Have a beautiful day,


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