Jack on Ice

a 30 Rock figure skating extravaganza?


Karl, of Amsterdam and several other places, asks,

Nick, I’m a recent subscriber, but a long-time fan.

When the world gets a bit too much, I usually spend an evening with Jack and Ron—Jack on ice, and Ron on YouTube. I find that an hour of Jack and Ron lightens the burden enough for me to sleep, and this strategy has been my go-to for years.

But recently, this has stopped working. And then it occurred to me that while Ron’s single-mindedness is part of why he helps me relax, it’s really your voice and elocution that do most of the heavy lifting—that and the 80-proof bourbon-pretending-to-be-whiskey I pair with them. And this is why I found your podcast, and why I hope you’ll continue making these videos until the end of time.

Right now, my kids are getting ready for bed, and my wife is reading something that’s making her smile. The evening outside is cool, and not too grey or wet. And somewhere in the distance there’s a neighbor inspiring me with the smell from his outdoor grill. Jack is on ice, and I’m writing to the voice of Ron. Things should feel idyllic, but I just can’t shake this heavy feeling.

With the war not too far from here (I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – but I’m not from here, nor from anywhere in particular) and Russian media apparently talking about a third world war, and how nice it would be to wipe out three of the countries that surround me, all of Jack, Ron, and Donkey Thoughts combined aren’t taking the edge off this evening.

So I wonder Nick, what do you do when the weight of the world gets too much? Any advice on how to drop some of it? A better whiskey perhaps?

And I hope after the world doesn’t end (and when travel no longer feels dangerous) you’ll resume your Europe tour, because seeing one of your shows is on my bucket list. As is buying you a drink to thank you for your oeuvre; it has brought me so much comfort over the years.”

Karl, thank you very kindly for this swell question, and as I reread your query, I have realized that you likely mean Jack Daniels on the rocks when you say “Jack on Ice”. My bad, and this is even after a coffee and a black tea.

Also, I am looking into adding subtitles to my videos, but failed to get on top of it by today, so please bear with me until I can indeed find my ass with both hands.


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