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Megan M. of California asks, “What is something you haven’t done in your life that you wish you could do?”

Thank you, Megan, for this very fine question.

While I can easily conjure images of my life as a saxophone virtuoso or a third Greene & Greene brother, living with my charismatic bride, who would thrill to roast whole boars on a spit in our giant Jack London-style walk-in fireplace, I am far too well versed in the folly of focusing one’s gaze upon what one has not.

But one answer that just occurred to me is that I often wish I could learn another language, specifically Spanish, so that I can be a better neighbor to all the Spanish-as-a-first-language-speaking folks I encounter in my Los Angeles doings. I have a much better chance of pulling off that idea than I do of building a stone and log castle or becoming a proper sax blower, since those are dreams I would chase if I currently felt unfulfilled, which I don’t. If my bride and I unexpectedly find ourselves in need of a house one day, then maybe I’ll get my carpenter’s bags back out.

In any case, Megan M., I’m glad that my life path brings me satisfaction and happiness, while remaining challenging and ever-evolving. I have rarely had a dull moment in which I might even think about “what I wish I had gotten to do”. I hope the same is true for you.


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